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Lifting Lives, Building Futures

The Tanzanian Children's Fund provides support for the
Rift Valley Children's Village and other community based programs that improve the lives of the marginalized
children of Tanzania.

The Tanzanian Children's Fund:
  • Provides a loving home, family and community for orphaned children
  • Provides support for caregivers of orphaned children living with relatives
  • Provides leadership, teachers and resources to the local primary school
  • Provides secondary school scholarships and began a partnership to co-manage the local secondary school
  • Provides economic growth opportunities through a microfinance program
  • Provides access to free, high-quality medical care
To learn more about our programs, click here or visit our program pages!

We're hiring!
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Introducing our 2013 Annual Report

2013 was a landmark year for TCF!
Click here to read our Annual Report
and learn the highlights from 2013!

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